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Oak Hill Elementary
6101 Patton Ranch Rd
Austin, TX 78735

phone: 512-414-2336
fax: 512-892-2279

Upcoming at OHE
In the event of a school-wide emergency, Oak Hill Elementary will use school messenger to communicate with parents.

Please remember that anyone picking up a student must have proof of ID and already be listed as an emergency contact.

OHE Choir Singing Our School Song

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Family Fun CATCH Run
POSTPONED due to Weather

5th Grade Parents:
Create a personal ad for your student in their final OHE yearbook

Graduating Seniors who Attended Oak Hill Elementary Can Apply for PTA Scholarship

High school seniors in AISD who attended Oak Hill Elementary are eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship from the Oak Hill Elementary PTA. Three scholarships will be awarded.

The scholarship announcement with all requirements is posted on Naviance. 

Applications must be received in the Oak Hill Elementary Office by 3 pm Friday, April 3rd.

Campuses may send application through AISD school mail. However, applications must be received by April 3rd.

Please note that applications will not be picked up from the AISD high schools; they must be delivered to Oak Hill Elementary. Scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the Oak Hill Elementary May 15th morning assembly at 7:30am to receive scholarship awards.

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